our story

We’ve gone from hungry upstarts to global business. And we’re still hungry for more. Back in 2008, we founded Jukebox: a PR company that held a mirror to how we wanted to live our lives. Fast, global, and always seeking something new.

Along the way, we realised that our clients wanted the same passion from their PR partners, too. We carried on travelling, watching, listening, talking, experiencing everything we could find. And made sure we got the job done, every time. Because that’s how we carry on bringing new experiences to everyone. It’s a lifestyle as well as a business.

Today we’re known the world over for bringing people together. From over 200 international music festivals and events in 50 countries, including USA, Brazil, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Austria. With dance music, record label, festival and lifestyle PR, and a following of 5 million souls worldwide. And a network ofcontacts we’re proud to call mates.

So whether it’s getting behind the next major international music weekender, launching an explosive music career or hollering about your new food festival, we’re doing it for you.

We’ve proven our passion time and time again, and we keep on going.




Everyone can connect. But making it meaningful is about bringing something new, lasting and honest to every interaction. We collaborate globally, work in closer partnership with clients and acts as one team.



Name Alex Jukes

Favourite saying 'Come on then'

Name Chris

Favourite party Warung Beach Club

Name Eddy

Favourite Drink Beer

Name Pete

Favourite Tune Voigtmann -Business in the Front, Party in the Back

Name Francesca

Favourite Thing Pasta

Name Josh

Favourite Team Liverpool

Name Stephen

Favourite Music EDM.....Haha

Name Rob

Favourite saying Get the "$?&' In!

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