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Record Label and Dance Music PR in Manchester


Having already worked with a succession of exciting individuals, companies and brands since first starting out on 2008, we’ve firmly established ourselves as brand PR, lifestyle PR and record label PR specialists with a deserved international reputation. Our work in the UK sees us promoting the interests of clients in major cities, including Manchester, through the three principles of excitement, engagement and innovation.


We do this by carefully nurturing our own prestigious network of business contacts, industry insiders and advertising companies, and by taking our clients to the highest possible level.


In the past five years, our director has personally travelled to more than 200 festivals. Jukebox PR is a truly global brand PR, lifestyle PR and festival PR company with territories in Manchester, the UK, across Europe and in all locations throughout the world. This sets us up perfectly to provide clients with local, national and international exposure.


Our ten years of unrivalled industry experience make us a reputable, trusted and inspired choice for dance music PR and record label PR requirements at any level.


Brand PR Excellence from a Passionate, Personable Team


Every member of our team has a minimum two years of experience, and the drive needed to tackle projects in ways tailored to the profiles of our clients. A 360˚ service structured around a passion for brand PR and lifestyle PR work secures a high profile online, in print, on the radio and through modern digital media resources with complete global reach.


Jukebox PR also reaches audiences on a local and regional scale in Manchester and all major locations across the United Kingdom.


Our experience in youth markets covers a vast range of sectors including:


• Dance Music PR

• Event PR

• Club PR

• Festival PR

• Leisure PR

• Record Label PR


Our close working relationships with key editors, journalists, writers, bloggers, magazines radio stations and webmasters inspire engagement, increase visibility and showcase both you and your brand in the most professional, provable and passionate manner possible. Our clients include underground house and techno DJs, promoters, producers and record labels.


It is our role to fulfil the needs of them all, and to expand their local, national and international profiles through the shared passions of life, music and travel.


Jukebox PR excels in the delivery of brand PR services for clients in the lifestyle and music industries, helping them to promote their business profiles and to drive the volume of sold units. Your brand helps consumers to identify your business and its activities, increases the sale of music, tickets and merchandise, and encourages more frequent visits to a page, a website or a land-based outlet where you can engage with them at a more intimate level.


Our company meets the brand PR and lifestyle PR requirements of clients in the UK’s major lifestyle and music capitals, including Manchester. Jukebox PR, located in London, also has the national and international reach to position your brand in front of a captive audience already primed to purchase your product in ever-increasing numbers.


It’s impossible to promote music or merchandise without an established media profile marketed to the needs of the business and inside a budget. Whether you wish to run a campaign ahead of an EP or album release, increase ticket sales at events in Leeds or Manchester, reinforce the credentials of a record label or showcase the talents of a DJ or a producer, everything begins and ends with a successful brand PR strategy.


We’re here to make it happen with a dance music PR, festival PR and record label PR service that continues to earn acclaim in a complete international scale.


 Call 07813 450668 to discuss your brand PR and lifestyle PR needs with established sector specialists covering Manchester and all surrounding locations, nationally and worldwide.

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