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Brand and Lifestyle PR in Leeds | Big Business Benefits


Let us tell your story because Jukebox PR has the perfect narrative for you. Located in London, we’re the reputable brand PR and lifestyle PR specialists with clients across all major UK locations including the Yorkshire city of Leeds. Indeed, we a truly global company that connects emotionally with the right audience at exactly the right moment to position brands through insight-driven campaigns that influence perception and customer behaviour.


The one thing that ties all of our services together is bringing people together. Jukebox PR has a national and global network of influential key editors, journalists, writers, bloggers, magazines, radio stations and webmasters to inspire engagement around dance music PR, record label PR and festival PR campaigns, or those of some of the biggest lifestyle brands.


We also have prestigious contacts solely for brand PR in the Leeds area.


Experienced Mentors and Strategists


We assist you as mentors, as advisors and as knowledgeable brand PR strategists with over 20 years of nationwide and global experience. If you want to build up a reputation as an artist, a DJ or a producer from the ground up, dance music PR puts creative talent directly in front of festival organisers, club owners, record labels and important industry contacts.


Alternatively, our record label PR services connect you with the most exciting talent in the Leeds area. However you choose to use us, we’ll be by your side offering truly innovative solutions - solutions which reflect our prominence in the brand PR and lifestyle PR sectors.


A Bespoke, Cost-Effective Service


Our clients in Leeds, and those globally, benefit from an unshaken belief that dance music PR, festival PR and lifestyle PR services never have to cost a fortune. It’s more important to us that quality brand PR, and the subsequent exposure it provides, delivers a cost-effective solutions measurable by the results we achieve, and in the way we go about them.


Our cross-sector experience and the relationships we build with the best professionals in those industries ensure a bespoke service of unrivalled quality with an insightful approach.


Growing Brands and Businesses


It takes time to build as strong a network of contacts as ours in a single area such as Leeds, and even longer to earn a reputation as genuine lifestyle PR, record label PR and brand PR mentors globally on the client and the customer sides. We grow brands and businesses with advice and strategies that establish them in exactly the right place at the right time.


We have the creative thinking and the accountability needed to nail dance music PR and festival PR strategies with the same agile, hand-on approach that has earned us trust and respect from youth markets, the music industry and the leisure, festival and club sectors.


Ultimately, the return on investment you gain from our brand PR and lifestyle PR services in Leeds, the UK and internationally has a direct impact on our own bottom line. We grow and develop as a business by helping you do the same. Jukebox PR achieves this by dominating markets on a global scale under the ethos of the three things we truly believe in:




Call 07813 450668 to discuss your brand PR and lifestyle PR needs with established sector specialists covering Leeds and all surrounding locations, nationally and worldwide.

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